Book circle – Summarizer


Zero gets better because of the onions and he tells Stanley that he was homeless when he was little. He also tells him that he was the one stealing the shoes. He had put the shoes on top of a car which Stanley later found. The next day Zero had been arrested for stealing a new pair of shoes which was also the reason why he went to camp.

Later the two teenagers sneak into the camp to find the treasure because Stanley thinks he knows where it’s hidden. They find a suitcase in the dirt but they get caught by the Warden. The Warden tries to take the suitcase that they’ve found but lets go of it when she realises that they’re standing in a lizard’s nest.

The next day Mr. Pendanski returns to the nest with two people who turns out to be Stanley’s lawyers. They try bring Stanley with them but he doesn’t want to leave Zero behind. The lawyers tell the Warden to look at Zero’s records but when they realise that his records are gone they also bring Zero with them. At the end, the book reveals that Stanley’s dad didn’t come up with a sneaker recycling system, but he invented a spray against foot odor.



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