Book circle -Character tracer

Stanley Yelnats, or Caveman as he’s also called, is the main character of the book. Stanley is overweight but digging holes everyday makes him a lot more stronger. He doesn’t have a lot of friends at school and the guys at the camp are often picking on him. He often takes one for the team. For example he gives the golden tube to X-ray and he also takes the blame of stealing the sunflower seeds when it was Magnet who actually did it.

Zero becomes Stanley’s best friend at the camp after he teaches Zero how to read and write. When they escape from the camp Stanley carries Zero up the hill because Zero is sick. That shows that Stanley really cares about other people and that he stands up for his friends.

Stanley seems to be caring a lot about other people. He helps Zero with learning how to read and write. He also says that he will write to his family once a week which is pretty sweet. He even feels sorry for the bus driver that has to drive him such a long way to the camp.

Stanley seems like a good kid who doesn’t want any trouble. When the other guys of the group are picking on him he tries to not get in trouble by just ignoring them. The reason why he ended up at camp was just bad luck.  The shoes he found turned out to be worth a lot of money which made him look like thief, which was the reason he was sent to camp. He always tries to look on the bright side of things.



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