Exercise 8+9

Exercise 8:

Dear Mike!

I hope you’re okey Down Under! I heard you are planning to go to Uluru or Ayers rock. It’s really beautiful but be careful! Many people have died or been hurt there. First: Bring a lot of water. I know it sounds pretty obvious but the heat in the desert can be really dangerous. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat or cap to prevent you from getting dizzy. Second: Be very careful when you’re climbing the mountain. There are often loose stones and rocks which can fall down from people climbing ahead of you. The gravel can be slippery and you should bring secure grip shoes. I know I may sound ridiculous but please be careful.

We miss you very much, best regards from mom and dad!

Exercise 9:

Helloooo! I’ve missed you so much! What’s it like in Sweden? Rainy as usual? I’m having a great time here in London. We’ve done so many cool things that you can’t even imagine! We’ve been here for three days now already but it feels like we’ve been here for like a week or even two. Our hotel is located a few minutes from Lambeth north, the subway station, and it only takes 15 minutes to go to Westminster Abbey. On our first day we had a ride in the London Eye and the view was just beautiful. Yesterday we visited the Tower and we saw the crown jewels, truly amazing! We also went to Buckingham Palace and saw the guards. They look so silly in their funny hats. At the evening we ate in Chinatown. When it got dark we took the bus to the hotel, and it was really cool! I’ve always wanted to take a bus ride in London. They busses look exactly like in the pictures. Today we are going to the Harry Potter studio tour. I’m so excited! Tonight we are going to celebrate Christmas like we usually do in Sweden, on the 24th, instead of on the 25th like they do here in England.

I’ll tell you more when I get home… If you want to hear of course… Merry Christmas, see you soon! /Martin



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