Creative connector – The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

In the story they found a wardrobe in a room. One of the girls explores it and steps into in it. When she steps into the wardrobe she steps into another world that’s not like the real world. You can connect it to when people just want to forget about the real world. Today many people are stressed, especially teens, because they have a lot of homework, much things to do, pressure on themselves and at the same time maybe have problems with their parents or in their relationships. Then you might want to get away for a while and don’t think about the things that troubles you. Some people do it through music, because the can find themselves in the lyrics. I do it through tennis or workout. For me to let go of everything stressing I need to focus on something else. Something else for me is tennis. When I enter the court I forget about all the stressful things in life and I can focus on what I love the most. I forget about all the homework and other problems that I’ve got. Tennis is like a meditation for me.



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