Discussion leader

  • the yellow hat: positive

The story is mostly negative but there are some positive things in the text. What do you think was good or positive about the story?

  • the black hat: negative

In the text his mother forces him to stay outside and fight and she also slaps him. Do you think his mother was mean, or was it right in the end to make him learn how to fight?

  • the red hat: feelings

In the story we get to know that Richard wasn’t very good treated by his mother. How would you feel if your mother treated you like she did to Richard?

  • the blue hat: reflections

In the story the boy learns to stand up for himself and fight. Do you think that was positive or negative? Could it be another way to solve the problems without fighting?

  • the green hat: creative

The story ends with Richard thinking he won the right of the streets of Memphis. If you could decide, how should the story have ended?



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