Character tracer – Susan

The story ”Gift” is about a girl named Susan. Susan lives in Africa but was born in England. She lives in Africa because her parents are teachers at the St Martin’s school there. The school is a boarding school which means that the pupils sleep at the school, because many of them live in villages far away. Although her parents are teachers at the school she has chosen to live in a dormitory with her friends instead of living in her parents house.

She is an ”azungu”, that’s what they call a white person. She’s actually the only white person at her school. She has got a very British accent and when she speaks she always sounds really excited. She also speaks the native language very well. For example a lady tells her at the bus that she is white, but she speaks like an African.

Her best friend is called Gracie. They often talk about a guy at their school called Gift. Susan is in love with him and also think she is really hot.

Susan is very impatient as you can see when she hasn’t been allowed to be alone with Gift when they are at his house. She finds it difficult to face the fact that she has just been invited to Gift’s village to be a chaperone for him and Sunni, his future bride. A chaperone is a person who looks after another to make sure they doesn’t do anything that’s not allowed. She tries to deny it until she actually sees them kiss.



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