Task 3+4 about adjectives!

Use at least ten adjectives. Remember that colours are adjectives too! Then ask someone to draw the house while you describe it.

My dream house would be a big, white house in the mediterranean. In the house it should be many large rooms with a dark wooden floor. My bedroom would have a large bed with many soft pillows and a large, soft and fluffy carpet.The lawn would have a beautiful beach themed pool with many tall palm trees.

Write sentences comparing what you are like now, with what you were like five years ago. Underline all the adjectives you use.

Five years ago I had longer and darker hair.

Five years ago I had a lot smaller muscles than i have right now.

Five years ago I wasn’t as smart as I am now and I understood less than I do now.

Five years ago I was not as good at tennis as I am now and I also wasn’t that fast.

Five years ago I was not as strong as I am now.

Five years ago I was was shorter than I am now and i was much younger.



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