Ma Vie Dans Dix Ans

Dans dix ans j’aurai vingt-six ans. Je travaillerai avec quelque chose  j’aimerai. Je voudrais habiter à l’étranger, peut-être aux États-unis. Je voudrais habiter dans une ville chaude avec des plages comme LA ou Miami. Probablement, j’habiterai dans un appartement. Je ne sais pas avec quoi je travaillerai. Mais je voudrais être le président directeur pour une petite entreprise. Je n’aurai pas d’enfants dans dix ans mais peut-être j’aurai une petite amie. Dans dix ans je regarderai hockey sur glace encore et je jouerai au tennis aussi.


Book circle – Summarizer


Zero gets better because of the onions and he tells Stanley that he was homeless when he was little. He also tells him that he was the one stealing the shoes. He had put the shoes on top of a car which Stanley later found. The next day Zero had been arrested for stealing a new pair of shoes which was also the reason why he went to camp.

Later the two teenagers sneak into the camp to find the treasure because Stanley thinks he knows where it’s hidden. They find a suitcase in the dirt but they get caught by the Warden. The Warden tries to take the suitcase that they’ve found but lets go of it when she realises that they’re standing in a lizard’s nest.

The next day Mr. Pendanski returns to the nest with two people who turns out to be Stanley’s lawyers. They try bring Stanley with them but he doesn’t want to leave Zero behind. The lawyers tell the Warden to look at Zero’s records but when they realise that his records are gone they also bring Zero with them. At the end, the book reveals that Stanley’s dad didn’t come up with a sneaker recycling system, but he invented a spray against foot odor.

Book circle -Character tracer

Stanley Yelnats, or Caveman as he’s also called, is the main character of the book. Stanley is overweight but digging holes everyday makes him a lot more stronger. He doesn’t have a lot of friends at school and the guys at the camp are often picking on him. He often takes one for the team. For example he gives the golden tube to X-ray and he also takes the blame of stealing the sunflower seeds when it was Magnet who actually did it.

Zero becomes Stanley’s best friend at the camp after he teaches Zero how to read and write. When they escape from the camp Stanley carries Zero up the hill because Zero is sick. That shows that Stanley really cares about other people and that he stands up for his friends.

Stanley seems to be caring a lot about other people. He helps Zero with learning how to read and write. He also says that he will write to his family once a week which is pretty sweet. He even feels sorry for the bus driver that has to drive him such a long way to the camp.

Stanley seems like a good kid who doesn’t want any trouble. When the other guys of the group are picking on him he tries to not get in trouble by just ignoring them. The reason why he ended up at camp was just bad luck.  The shoes he found turned out to be worth a lot of money which made him look like thief, which was the reason he was sent to camp. He always tries to look on the bright side of things.

Book circle – Summarizer

This part of the book starts with Stanley who has dug so many holes that he has lost track of how many it actually is. But now his skin has gotten tougher and he doesn’t feel as much pain in his hands as he did before. But this day is a little special because Stanley finds a golden tube with the initials KB etched inside a heart on the tube. He has been told that he should give all the stuff that he finds to X-ray, who is also one of the guys digging holes. He tells X-ray to wait with giving the tube to the Warden so that X-ray can get a whole day off and not just an hour or so.

The next day X-ray gives the tube to the Warden and gets the day of. At the same time the other guys are forced to dig one big hole instead of several small ones. The Warden is watching them and she is hoping the will find something interesting. The days pass and the Warden is getting more and more impatient. Finally she decides that the teenagers should return to digging small holes instead of a big one.

One day Stanley gets a letter from his parents. When he replies to the letter Zero is standing behind him and watching over his shoulder. He asks if Stanley could teach him how to read and write but Stanley replies him with that he doesn’t know how to teach him. The days pass and he takes the blame for stealing seeds from Mr. Sir. Mr. Sir brings him to the Warden’s cabin. Mr. Sir doesn’t think that he has stolen the seeds and that he’s just covering up for someone else. He returns to the holes and sees that somebody has dug out a big part of his hole. It turns out that Zero has dug in Stanley’s hole. Stanley says that he can teach Zero how to write and they make a deal that consists of Zero digging on Stanley’s hole for an hour a day and in return Stanley will teach Zero how to read. In the end of the part we read there is a side story who tells us about why it hasn’t fallen a drop of water in the lake since a hundred years ago. The legend has it that the old teacher kissed a dark skinned guy and because of that the rain hasn’t fallen ever since.


Bookcircle – Wordfinder



box of stationery – kontorsmaterial

stifling – kvävande   

ratious –

slumped – hopsjunken 

supposedly – förmodligen

vast – omfattande

neglected – eftersatt, försummad

odor – lukt 

barren – tom, fattig

desolate – öde

premises – lokaler

canteen – fältflaska, matsal

common buzzard – vråk (fågel)

barf bag – spypåse

water spigot – utomhuskran

cot – hängmatta

torment – plåga

lukewarm – ljumma, ljummen

forlorn – ensam, övergiven

preposterous – orimlig

baloney – skitsnack, struntprat 



They took a well deserved rest in the stifling heat.

She sat slumped over her desk.

The vast majority.

My foot odor is awful

The premises was packed with people.

Oh look! I saw a common buzzard!

Under the seat was a barf bag.

The cot was hanging in between two trees

The coffee was lukewarm.

he is always talking so much baloney.